[linux-audio-user] M-Audio cards, XLR inputs question

Phil Sexton philsexton at InfoAve.Net
Sun Feb 6 20:41:34 EST 2005

On Sun, 2005-02-06 at 19:42, Joseph Dell'Orfano wrote:
> Phil,
> The 1010LT has 2 balanced XLR inputs and the remainder are unbalanced. I
> have this one and it is great for what I need. I have a stereo preamp
> hooked into the XLR inputs. 
> The 1010 appears to have 8 balanced in/out using TRS connectors instead
> of XLR inputs. I understand that this is a very nice board. Both cards
> are well supported with ALSA.
> Good luck. Please post some recordings!!

Got real player?


This was a quick and dirty recording with crappy mics (Shure 58?  He was
in a rock and roll band and didn't consult me before buying mics) and a
little clipping.  It was done under the popular OS and CoolEdit96 and a
SBLive card.

After I got my mikes, my son recorded and produced the samples found
here and he used Cakewalk Music Creator 2003 and the SBLive soundcard.


Curently, I have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz in the Linux box until I can
afford the M-Audio board.

The Behringer has 2 1/4" unbalanced outputs, so I was considering the
1010 with the breakout box in order to get the audio stuff outside the
noise in the computer.  I hope it will kick MSFT in the buttocks when I
get it going.

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