[linux-audio-user] ld10k1 - success stories?

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Mon Feb 7 05:43:40 EST 2005

Mathias Lundgren wrote:

>sön 2005-02-06 klockan 03.40 skrev Lee Revell:
>>First, 0.1.6 is old, you should use ld10k1 0.1.8 which requires ALSA
>>1.0.8.  Generally ld10k1 tracks the ALSA versioning.  If you use ALSA
>>CVS, use ld10k1 CVS.
>First, thanks everyone! alsa 1.0.8 and ld10k1 0.1.8 worked.
>Now for the big question... How do I do anything useful with it? 

... yes, the tough part :)

>understand it as I (finally) actually have to try to understand what's
>happening behind the scenes in the hardware.

... the harder part ... the epiphany will come (well, i hope it comes to
me soon!) ...
i shied away from ld10k1 after i installed it, because i just knew it
would take me *ages* to get the qlo10k1 interface working for me, and
uncluttered enough not to give me headaches :(

... it's probably possible to achieve most of the good things i
associated with the kx audio drivers under windows (comprehensive saving
of dsp configurations and routing - and, consequently, changing default
values - , flexible routings and placements of dsp effects, integration
with mixer etc), but i'm not sure this would be easy or intuitive at the

> Does anyone have any
>pointers to  information on what's going on in "the matrix" visualized
>in qlo10k1?

i'm also not quite sure what the deal with the dsp effects and filters
are though - i couldn't find any way to load them in the dsp routing
interface (like the ones included with the kxaudio drivers - maybe these
have to be installed seperately ... i should read more documentation
...)? all i saw were the chorus and reverb fx busses ...


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