[linux-audio-user] KX Audio capabilities for Linux EMU10k1 [was Plans/Roadmaps for 2005?]

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Mon Feb 7 05:53:40 EST 2005

Lee Revell wrote:

>>when i switched to linux, one of my biggest dissapointments was the 
>>dismal support for the emu10k1 .... especially lack of multi-channel - 
>>by multi-channel support, do you mean that you are able to use the rear 
>>output channel independently of the front channel (at the moment my 
>>front and rear channels are basically inextricably linked)?
>Yup.  If you have the livedrive you can use all those jacks as
>independent ports.  My Audigy2 ZS has something like 6 channels of
>analog in and 8 out, enough to record a band.  And there's nothing like
>zero latency hardware DSP...

i've just bought a "livedrive 2" from ebay (awaiting delivery) and was
just wondering:

*once you hook up the livedrive to your sblive card, does it disable the
cards input/output ports, leaving you with only those on the livedrive,
or do you have access to both the livedrive + sblive inputs/outputs?

if so is it possible to record from the cards "line input" and the
livedrives "line2/mic2 input" at the same time?

*are there any issues that i should know about with the livedrive in
linux, or won't its presence really make that much difference to my
sound setup?

thanx for any help


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