[linux-audio-user] persistent emu10k1 capture channels problem

Rick Wright riwright at vt.edu
Mon Feb 7 16:06:24 EST 2005

First, I want to appologize for starting a new thread.  I receive list 
posts in "digest-mode" and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to 
reply to an individual message to continue a thread.  Instructions on 
how to do this would be appreciated.  (I also appologize if my attempts 
lead to multiple posts of this content!...moderators feel free to 
restructure/delete as needed.)

Now back to it:

Thanks for the pointers, Shayne, Lee.

I am still unable to get more than 2 capture channels.  I've set the 
"interface", "input device", & "output device" as described by Shayne.  
I also renamed my .asoundrc file to .asoundrc.bak (this will prevent it 
from being used, right?).  This configuration gives me 2 capture and 16 
playback channels.  Further, it only works if I set the number of input 
channels to 0 or 2 and the number of output channels to 0 or 16.  
Otherwise, I get an error: ALSA cannot set channel count to X for 
capture/playback....  Now, I have also just updated qjackctl to 0.2.15 
and am getting the same behavior.  BTW, I am only trying to use Audio 
channels, no MIDI.

Any other ideas?  Is this still an issue with the driver or my 
configuration?  I ask because the configuration seems so 
straightforward.  BTW, I am using ALSA-1.0.8 patched with Lee's 
multichannel-v008 patch and jack is recent from cvs (0.99.49).

Another question: What output connectors/jacks do all 16 output channels 
map to on my card/external connector box?  I have experimented and it 
seems that playback_11-_16 are unused for me.  Is this correct?  The 
first 10 are mixed between analog/digital outputs.  However, there is a 
unique set of 6 specific playback channels that give me 6 analog output 
streams that I can use for 5.1 sound, which is what I want.

Thanks guys.

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