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Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Tue Feb 8 03:27:49 EST 2005

> Would studio monitors be preferable to speakers designed for public
> performance.  In other words if a band or artist has a sound system
> for public performances with high quality amplifiers and speakers,
> is it acceptable to use the same speakers in the studio if they do their
> own recording, or would they be better off buying studio monitors for
> this purpose?  This is assuming their sound system isn't some gargantuan
> system that would be unwieldy to use in the studio, but instead is a
> small, but high quality system and speakers that a small band or solo
> artist would use.

well, no, PA systems and studio monitors are eq'd very differently.  the
idea with studio monitors is flat, accurate representation, so technically,
the answer is no

of course, there's always the other side of it which is that theorhetically,
if your ears are tuned to the system and you do good A/B comparing, you can
get the sound.  but that's an ambitious theory

don't forget your space though.  "good" monitors mean nothing without an
accurate environment.  in fact I think the accoustic environment your in is
far more important than your speakers.  this is a pretty vast subject but
just on a whim, here's some quick and dirty links:


I just sort of randomly grabbed those from my bunch of favorites


Aaron Trumm

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