[linux-audio-user] ld10k1 - success stories?

Mathias Lundgren mathias_lundgren at bredband.net
Tue Feb 8 14:31:45 EST 2005

> > I'm not sure I saw a lot of documentation. I saw some doco for audigy in
> > ld10k1, I guess a lot is applicable on an sblive, but by reading that I
> The init_live script appears to have some naming issues FWIW. 

Yes, it seems so. I located it to the line that results in the following

/usr/local/bin/lo10k1 -n --ctrl "c-Left,Right:Wave Playback
Volume,t-Wave Playback Volume:1,c-LeftSurr,RightSurr:Wave Surro
und Playback Volume,t-Wave Surround Playback Volume:1,c-Center:Wave
Center Playback Volume,t-Wave Center Playback Volume:1,c
-LFE:Wave LFE Playback Volume,t-LFE Playback Volume:1" --patch_name
"Wave Multi Volume" -a simple.emu10k1

Apparently c- has to do with "concatenating controls", not sure what it
means... simple.emu10k1 was loaded when I used this instead:

lo10k1 -n --ctrl "" --patch_name "Wave Multi Volume" -a simple.emu10k1

I guess it breaks things... 

> > can't really relate it to the gui. I've managed to load effects, but I
> I keep getting "not enough tram" or similar when I try to load FX. 
> Can you clue me on what you did?

I launched ld10k1 with -t 7, it says it initializes tram with 1024k.
Whatever that means...

> > need to get an idea of how things actually make their way to the output,
> > and which things they pass on their way there, to connect them in a sane
> > way. I also need to get an idea of how the different things in qlo10k1
> > relate to the controls in alsamixer (I really hope there is _some_
> > relation between them :-). I'll dig along...
> >
> AFAICT, you can just drop in the blocks you need and connect 'em up
> (context menus for the connections are available if the cursor is hovering 
> over the line - took me a while to find that), then the controls show up in 
> the mixer. It crashes kmix when things change but IIRC you get the AC97 
> section + whatever you define in alsamixer (or aumix, what have you)
> IOW you can apparently define the whole signal path

Alsamixer. I understand you can define the whole signal path, and I can
connect/disconnect things but it's not much of a use if I don't know
what's going on. I still need to know how it relates to the hardware...
Digging along...


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