[linux-audio-user] Sound servers conflict

Hillel hillel.t at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 16:18:56 EST 2005

Arnold Krille wrote:

>On Tuesday 08 February 2005 20:07, Hillel wrote:
>>I installed NAS from Mandrake rpm's rebooted the box, and the program
>>works great.
>>The problem is that most of my other software, for example Amarok,
>>stopped producing sound.
>>Prior to installing NAS, I used KDE and there sound server aRts. When I
>>start Amarok I get a message from aRts, that it can't open device for
>>I thus have two questions:
>>1. Is there a way to resolve such a situation, in a way that allows two
>>programs that use different sound servers to play sounds at the same time?
>There are several answers/solutions:
> - Buy a soundcard which is allows multiple hardwareaccess such as the sblive 
>(with emu10k1-chip allowing 32 apps) or something based on the maestro3-chip 
>(allowing 2 apps) for example...
> - Use dmix to do software mixing in alsa.
> - Tell aRts to use NAS, this can be done in the control-center.
Thanks for the tips, I tried telling aRts to use NAS. I didn't know what 
you mean by control center, so I went through the menu KDE --> Sound --> 
Sound System and there I marked Enable the sound system, and Enable 
network sound.

Now aRts seems to run fine, and Amarok plays music. The problem is that 
if I run my QT program (that uses NAS), while Amarok is playing, then I 
hear no sound until I close Amarok. Only when Amarok closes I hear the 
sound that was probably queued while Amarok was playing. This is already 
fine for me on a practical level, although not a perfect soultion in 

Regarding alsa dmix, I don't know the technology, but can it solve the 
principle problem of two programs using different sound servers? As I 
understand it, the programs are using sound server API's and not  ALSA 
API's so if two sound server's can't coexist right, no fix in ALSA level 
can help.

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