[linux-audio-user] capture line or cd in

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Wed Feb 9 00:27:17 EST 2005

vector wrote:

> ok ill bite
> whilst playing with alsamixergui i worked out how to change what input
> I use for capture but it seems i cant record from cd in, mic and line
> in all at once?
> in fact only from one at a time!
> SB type on motherboard audio.
> as soon as i set line to capture it disables mic etc
> Your all going to tell me this is normall right ;(
yep, sorry :(

it is possible to record more than one input at a time with lee revell's
multi-channel patch (do a search on this list for emu10k1
multi-channel), though if you're using onboard soundblaster chip, i'm
not sure if lee's patch would work on that ...

i'm pretty sure it's a full-stop no-no for recording from mic-in and
line-in at the same time ...

depending on your needs, maybe you could try changing the "capture"
settings to "mix" (or "mix mono") - this will record *all* sounds that
you can hear ... but, as the option suggests, this mixes all tracks
*together* ... just remember to unmute line-in (or whatever).

hope helps


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