[linux-audio-user] Part2: usb-snd-audio on ppc

Marloes de Valk marloes at montevideo.nl
Thu Feb 10 06:27:27 EST 2005

Hey List,

Another post on usb soundcards on ppc with a 2.6.10 kernel:

I still can't access to hw:1 (16bit LE) so i am forced to use plughw:1 to make the endian-conversion. Now I managed to have plughw:1 more stable by removing 2 experimental usb options in the kernel (bandwith allocation and ...). It is still not completely stable but using these settings the audio card is finally usable with jack and pd. 

48000 Hz, 1024 frames, 3 periods, 2 in 6 out, and non-realtime

If anyone knows of more elegant solutions i'd be very happy to
hear of it :) 

Is there any chance in the near future to have a compete hw support for usb audio cards on ppc linux?

kind regards,


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