[linux-audio-user] soundblaster audigy2 zs notebook

joke joke at apo33.org
Fri Feb 11 03:52:29 EST 2005

>The chip used in it has same PCI ID as Audigy 2 Value - this is why
>2.6.10 recognized it (support for audigy 2 value was added only recently).
>But Audigy 2 ZS notebook needs probably some diffrent initialization
>and is not supported by ALSA (and probably for long time will be not
>supported - maybe never).
Hi Peter,
that's a pity because we only could use usb port for soundcard... 
firewire is not useable at the moment, there is a project going on to 
make it work under linux, and pcmcia it seems from what you say that 
there is nothing going on... which in fact it is not true because vx 
pocket v2 & others digigram (but very expensive) is supported by alsa 
and it's pcmcia soundcards.
I look at the modules.conf & asoundrc it seems there is some 
possbilities to use others pcmcia soundcard... Is there someone 
interested in developping a driver for this card? or maybe is there 
someone already working on? or should I sell it back to a win user?

thanks for your help



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