[linux-audio-user] What to exprect from a dial p3 800 @ ardour

Timothy Alan Gorman timg at expressmart.com
Fri Feb 11 08:48:22 EST 2005

I think i'm running into a system limitation...
here are the details.
dual p3 800 with 1256  mb ram
delta 44 using envy mixer..
fresh planet ccrma install..

while using ardour 9.24 with 4 tracks and 1 bus (the bus has gverb)
each track has a compressor and 2 have eq.

Automation on 2 tracks..
4 tracks 1 bus
7 ladspa plugins: 4 compressors (dynasone) 2 eq's (tap eq) 1 reverb ( 
gverbon a bus)

Should my system handle this?
It seems to be getting  beat-up... (

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