[linux-audio-user] realtime-lsm in Andrew Morton's latest kernel patchset

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Fri Feb 11 21:35:09 EST 2005

Those of you who enjoy working with bleeding-edge kernels, please try
Andrew's latest 2.6.11-rc3-mm2 patchset.  I am hopeful that this may
be included in the base kernel, soon.  It would help for some of you
to build this kernel, run it and report on any problems (or successes)
with the realtime LSM.

This version no longer supports the `allcaps' option (too much risk),
so you need to run `jackd' rather than `jackstart' with it, unless you
have a very recent version of JACK.  (Even so, using `jackd' is

You'll need the 2.6.10 sources from <http://kernel.org/>, then the
2.6.11-rc3 patchset, followed by 2.6.11-rc3-mm2 (in that order).

Configure the realtime-lsm under `security'.  It can either be
built-in or loaded as a module (y or m).  When the module is active,
its parameters can now be changed dynamically via sysfs like this...

  # echo 1  > /sys/module/realtime/parameters/any
  # echo 29 > /sys/module/realtime/parameters/gid
  # echo 1  > /sys/module/realtime/parameters/mlock

If you try it, please let me know how well it works.

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