[linux-audio-user] What to exprect from a dial p3 800 @ ardour

Lee Revell rlrevell at joe-job.com
Sat Feb 12 03:51:08 EST 2005

On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 08:48 -0500, Timothy Alan Gorman wrote:
> Hmm,
> I think i'm running into a system limitation...
> here are the details.
> dual p3 800 with 1256  mb ram
> delta 44 using envy mixer..
> fresh planet ccrma install..
> while using ardour 9.24 with 4 tracks and 1 bus (the bus has gverb)
> each track has a compressor and 2 have eq.
> so..
> @24/96...
> Automation on 2 tracks..
> 4 tracks 1 bus
> 7 ladspa plugins: 4 compressors (dynasone) 2 eq's (tap eq) 1 reverb ( 
> gverbon a bus)
> Should my system handle this?
> It seems to be getting  beat-up... (

What do you mean?  What are the symptoms?  Do you get xruns, or
something else?  What period size are you using?

You can try Rui's jack_test4 suite to get an objective benchmark of your
systems audio performance.  You should be able to increase the number of
clients until the DSP load or CPU load get near 100%.  How many clients
can you run jack_test4 with before your system falls over?

I have a 600Mhz C3 that can run about 7 jack_test4 clients before it

I think jack_test4 is included in JACK CVS, or there is a plan to
include it.  See the jackit-devel archives for details.


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