[linux-audio-user] HDSP & amixer: What's Changed?

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sat Feb 12 14:35:10 EST 2005

Something about amixer's control of the HDSP Multiface has changed. And,
I can't seem to hack how to fix things. Please help!

I used to use the simple bash script (as published in Linux Journal)

for i in $(seq 1 18);do
	        amixer cset name=Chn,index=$i 32768

to set all the channels to unity, but this script no longer works. I
amixer: Control default cinfo error: No such file or directory

Meanwhile, my hdsp is definitely clipping and I can't quite tell where
to tweak it.

alsamixer is also no longer available, gives an error:

No mixer elems found

This is with Fedora 3, so alsa 1.0.6 and the alsa-firmware tools
(hdsploader, hdspconfig, hdspmixer).

PS: hdspmixer is not accessible to me because I need an eyes-free

I suppose knowing where/how to tweak the hdspmixer default presets might
do it??

Thanks for any help.

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