[linux-audio-user] My First Linux Song

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 04:47:07 EST 2005

--- Shayne O'Connor <forums at machinehasnoagenda.com>

> well, it's taken awhile, but i've managed to
> complete my first song on
> linux!
> (please be kind in any comments - i'm especially
> open to tips on
> mixing/mastering).


After a very quick listen i'd suggest mixing the
instrument volumes lower so they and the drums are
more a part of eachother and then raise the main/lead
vocals up so we don't have to struggle to hear the

The vocal echos are creating a swampy effect which
isn't always bad but in your song I'd probably keep
those tracks mixed down in volume and use them to
support a vocal that easier to hear. If you cut down
on the repeats and write parts that are halftime to
the echo that would clear things up considerably. I'm
probably not expressing my thoughts very well but
maybe you can get some idea from them.

Nice song, glad you're having success with linux


> i recorded bass, guitar, vocals into ardour and
> sequenced the drums 
> using hydrogen.
> i used the ladspa plate reverb for the guitars, but
> the drums and bass
> are dry ... i couldn't get a nice enough sound for
> the vocals using
> ladspa, so i plugged them through ik multimedia's
> amplitube with
> dssi-vst. i also used ik multimedia's TRackS to
> master the track, as
> it's got a bunch of good presets ...
> this song is a bit of pastoral yearning from the
> back of my brain ...
> i'd written the lyrics some years ago, but had
> forgotten all about them
> until i stumbled upon this chord progression - at
> which point, it all
> came flooding back :)
> this was the song i was working on when i decided to
> "try-out" linux ...
> so i'm pretty happy to have finished it.
> a few caveats though:
> *  i'm not that technically proficient at any of the
> instrument i've
> played on here (though guitar is my favourite).
> * i can't really mix.
> * i can't really sing.
> * i can't really master.
> * i may have gone too far with the echoes?
> anyhow, hope you can all enjoy, and thanx to
> everyone who helped me get
> here!
> shayne o'connor

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