[linux-audio-user] Thac's RPMs on PCLOS (PClinuxOS by Texstar)

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Sun Feb 13 12:00:21 EST 2005

tobbe at nyvalls.se wrote:

> tobbe at nyvalls.se skrev:
>> Russell Hanaghan skrev:
>>> Been testing this out. Nice distro modelled mostly from Mandrake but 
>>> comes as LiveCD. Optin to install is also present from LiveCD. It's 
>>> a snappy distro!
>>> They use Apt and Synaptic for package management.  Cooker, Contrib 
>>> and Main mirrors can be set to be accessed by Apt but can't seem to 
>>> get it to work on Thac's site....
>>> Thac? Are you out there? Perhaps you can check this thread and 
>>> provide comment?
>>> http://www.pclinuxonline.com/modules.php?mop=modload&name=Splatt_Forums&file=viewtopic&topic=5006&forum=18 
>>> Thanks...
>> Ill check
>> /Torbjörn Turpeinen (Thac)
> I have tested the latest hdlist file with mcc upgrading my own urpmi 
> database and it is no problem
> the issue on pclo must have been caused by some other problem.
> If it works with urpmi it should also work with synaptic.
> I have been thinking about building my own version of synaptic 
> preconfigured with the
> repositorys that i recomend, but have been to busy with other things.
> But i think i will do it now anyway.
> /Torbjörn Turpeinen (Thac)

Thanks for taking time and looking into this!

I don't know if you checked the thread I refered but they specifically 
asked about you looking at this and I posted that I had asked you.  If 
you do build an APT and SYnaptic version that has your RPMS 
preconfigured, that would be awesome!  I really like this PCLOS 
distro...it's light weight, comes with LiceCD so folks can test it 
without commitment...Is snappier than MDK and everything worked out of 
the box. They have some apps...Ardour, Jack, etc but to have access to 
your RPM volume would make my decision to swap an easy one.


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