[linux-audio-user] My First Linux Song

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Sun Feb 13 17:12:30 EST 2005

tim hall wrote:

>Last Sunday 13 February 2005 10:24, Shayne O'Connor was like:
>>(i should say that, to me, this song has more than a bit of a tribute to
>>the musical forms of Pavement ... and correct tuning in this context has
>>no more relevance than good singing ... )
>OK, there's no such things as 'correct' granted. However, in my musical 
>opinion, this song would sound better 'in tune'. 

i've been listening back to the song, and there is definitely something
ajar with the tuning ... tuning has never been my strong point - after
twelve years of playing guitar, i've only just started tuning the guitar
to the proper pitch. sure, whenever i'd play with keyboards or
something, i'd tune it to that ... otherwise, i'd just tune it to the
low e-string. ha ha, that'll make some of you cringe :)   it's really
gotta stop ... i think i'm just so used to out-of-tuneness from this
sloppy behaviour, as well as most of the music i listen to comes from a
bit of a DIY philosophy ... no excuse for laziness, though.

>Dodgy guitar sounds require 
>much greater production skills to sound right (c.f. World Domination 
>Enterprises 'Asbestos Lead Asbestos' or indeed their version of 'Funky 

funny you should mention, because i've been listening to rough trade
shops no wave compilation, and "asbestos lead asbestos" is on there ...
also on there, and highly deserving of cross-referencing, is "the
raincoats" version of "lola" ... it's just so sleazy and scummy in every
way ... and the tuning, oh my god it's awful ... the most brilliant
cover i've heard in a while :)

>Recording the guitar through a miked up valve amp would help. 7th 
>chords on the guitar tend to produce uncomfortable and distracting harmonics 
>if they're not tuned right, you'll notice many guitarists use open power 
>chords for this reason. 

i'll try this out - but i think my amp (marshall valvestate) only offers
a solid-state emulation of a valve ... i haven't had much experienc
miking stuff up, so it should be a good learning experience too :)



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