[linux-audio-user] My First Linux Song

Noah Roberts nroberts at reachone.com
Mon Feb 14 00:51:00 EST 2005

Andres Cabrera wrote:

> Hi Shayne,
> Line outs from amps usually give a very thin crappy signal. You'll do 
> much better miking the amp. 

I tried to use the 'Slave out' of my Soldano into the mic in of my mixer 
to record and man did it sound like shit.  My cousin came out and showed 
me the angle the mic trick and I think it picked it up pretty good.  It 
definately sounds better miced.  I guess much of the sound I love in 
this amp is the power circuit and speakers.

When looking at the sound of an amp you have more than just the line 
signal you are hearing.  You are hearing the preamp, the power amp, the 
speakers, the cabinet, etc...  Cutting things out of that makes a 
different sound.  In fact the speakers and cabinet are one of the most 
affecting parts of the whole amp, alter them and you have a totally 
different sound.

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