[linux-audio-user] My First Linux Song

Bengt Gördén bengan at sunet.se
Mon Feb 14 02:44:40 EST 2005

On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 09:12:30AM +1100, Shayne O'Connor wrote:
> i've been listening back to the song, and there is definitely something
> ajar with the tuning ... tuning has never been my strong point - after
> twelve years of playing guitar, i've only just started tuning the guitar
> to the proper pitch. sure, whenever i'd play with keyboards or
> something, i'd tune it to that ... otherwise, i'd just tune it to the
> low e-string. ha ha, that'll make some of you cringe :)   it's really
> gotta stop ... i think i'm just so used to out-of-tuneness from this
> sloppy behaviour, as well as most of the music i listen to comes from a
> bit of a DIY philosophy ... no excuse for laziness, though.

I can make testimonies about how bad it can be although I've been
tuning guitars for over 25 years now. My 20-year 12-strings acoustic
Ibanez had gone bad during the years. The neck was a bit out of
place. The body on the guitar, behind the saddle, was 2mm higher than
the rest of the body in front of it. The fretboard and the frets were
badly worn down. But I have played this guitar over the years so much
that I got used to the sound and forgot how good a 12-string can
sound. "Luckily" my 13 year old son broke the neck on it this December
and I was a bit sad. It took me to after new years eve to go to a
guitar repair and get the final judgment "this guitar is never going
to be used as a guitar again. glue it together and hang it on the
wall". I asked the guy if he had some nice 12-strings laying
around. He showed me a 9-strings guitar from Czech Republic and boy
was I happy. It had a beautiful sound and the best part. It could be
tuned :-). So sometimes it's just old habits.

Your song is nice although I agree with the one that said that you
need to bring out the voice a bit. For my own ears I think that you
need to separate the different instruments a bit (but I'm listening in
head phones) and just give the echo-repeat knob a slight push. But
hey. If you really have a thought with it. Keep it. It's called
artistic freedom :-)

Keep up the good work. Hopefully I'll be posting my own small
productions here as well.



PS. I really need an English dictionary/encyclopedia for musical and
sound engineering stuff. Is there anyone out there? I've tried the
wikipedia but it doesn't cover all the stuff I need. DS.

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