[linux-audio-user] 19" chassis?

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Mon Feb 14 06:46:54 EST 2005


Many external music devices come in the well-known 19" format.
For instance, I've got a rather old Behringer 19" mixer (20 channel, 8xmono,
6xstereo), a Novation DrumStation (19"), and I am planning to
get myself a Delta 1010.  Now, can anyone suggest
a supplier for 19" chassis?  I've recently cut my hand
at the sharp edge of my Novation, and I finally decided
I have to put all this stuff into one neat thing.

Web research doesnt really reveal anything useful, and so
I figured I'd ask you guys, I am sure some of you
actually have 19" chassis.  Any experience?  Where do I get
such things?  A way to tilt the stuff
by 45 degree would be very cool.


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