[linux-audio-user] 19" chassis?

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Mon Feb 14 11:14:38 EST 2005

Janina Sajka <janina at rednote.net> writes:

> Mario Lang writes:
>> Hi.
>> Many external music devices come in the well-known 19" format.
>> For instance, I've got a rather old Behringer 19" mixer (20 channel, 8xmono,
>> 6xstereo), a Novation DrumStation (19"), and I am planning to
>> get myself a Delta 1010.  Now, can anyone suggest
>> a supplier for 19" chassis?  I've recently cut my hand
>> at the sharp edge of my Novation, and I finally decided
>> I have to put all this stuff into one neat thing.
>> Web research doesnt really reveal anything useful, and so
>> I figured I'd ask you guys, I am sure some of you
>> actually have 19" chassis.  Any experience?  Where do I get
>> such things?  A way to tilt the stuff
>> by 45 degree would be very cool.
> They're called racks, and the action of putting something in one is
> called rack mounting. That will help on the Google search! <grin>

Actually, I knew that, see below...

> You'll find there's quite a variety. Some are very industrial, others
> will also work admirably in the family room. Of the latter, I like 
> http://www.raxxess.com
> http://www.kkaudio.com
> I do have a word of caution, though. I've found there's a difference in
> understanding about what a rack should be between computer people and
> musicians.

Thats exaclty my problem :-).  I know rack mounting very well due
to my profession as system administrator, but all the 19" racks
I've seen so far don't look as if they are very practical for a musician.
Thats actually why I mentioned the 45 degree tilting :-).

> Both groups use 19 inch racks, but musicians racks are bolted at the
> front only, so far as I've ever seen. And, the concept of sliding
> rails seems alien to people selling racks to musicians, whereas it's
> fairly common with servers.
> I say this because I'm trying to get both in my little workspace. I have
> a 4U dual Opteron server that sits in a Raxxess quietizer because I have
> no rails. I'm concerned whether simply bolting it to the front is too
> much load. Certainly, it wouldn't make it easy to pull for maintanance.
> Just to complete the subject a little, there are portable 19 inch racks,
> many of which are ATA rated, meaning you can slap a shipping sticker on
> them and send them to some destination through a company like Federal
> Express or TNT. Others are even made of wood and not intended for
> shipping, but require some table to stand on.
> Last point is getting at the wiring. If you can, I'd advise a concept
> where you leave yourself enough room to get behind the racks to do
> things like move cables. It's ideal if you don't always have to crawl to
> get at the connections.

Reading all this, I definitely need to find some company in my city where I can
"look" at actual models.  All the internet photos aren't any help, as you
well know :-).


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