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Tue Feb 15 00:42:10 EST 2005

Well the harmonics on a guitar will always sound a bit sharper to their
relevant corresponding note. Not like a lot sharper(not like a semi-tone),
but only a bit. I tune with harmonics on the guitar(mostly nylon) and is
particularly good for fine tuning. I use the B harmonic on the 'Low E' To
tune the B(plain note) string. It has always come naturally to me.
And also the high E note(even on the piano.. 'i think') corresponds to the
harmonics on the 5th fret on the Low E string  and harmonics on the 7th
fret of A string. Now these three note are almost similar, and is good way
to check when you are using one note as a mark up to tune all the
strings.(which means that when you don't have the  fancy tuning gadgets..
just a humble old tuning fork)  IT is always good to be tuning (even cross
check) with the harmonics.

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On February 14, 7:28 pm "Brett W. McCoy" <idragosani at chapelperilous.net>
> Steve D wrote:
> >  Guitar frets are positioned to produce an equal-tempered chromatic
> >  scale, aren't they? (I play piano, not guitar.) So if one tunes a
> >  guitar using harmonics, couldn't one check the result by comparing
> >  the same note produced by fret?
> Yes, and in fact one should.  A guitar that does have the intonation
> set properly can produce harmonics that are not in tune with fretted
> notes.
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