[linux-audio-user] Studio to go! Linux app

Dubphil dubphil at free.fr
Tue Feb 15 10:16:36 EST 2005

Hello Chris,

> Studio to Go! continues to operate as an effectively single-user system
> after installation, much as it does when booting from the CD -- that
> may not be to the taste of anyone whose aim is to get a Linux
> distribution, but it may be to the taste of anyone who wants to
> continue using Studio to Go!, only installed.  It's not an equivalent
> to installing a typical Linux distro, but it is generally simpler.

Just a question about your DAW, does AMS works fine with the butterworth
series of Glame filters ? I can't use them with the DeMuDi 1.2.1b, with
the last snapshot of the planet CCRMA and with my Gentoo DAW.
In fact, I can load the plugins, play with them and save the patch but if
I want to load it back AMS escape with a seg fault :-(
I have noticed this few weeks ago to the AMS maintainer but I had no reply
from him.

Last thing does TerminatorX is in the CD ?



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