[linux-audio-user] Rad IO

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Tue Feb 15 11:45:38 EST 2005

Here's a way to broadband stream or otherwise download Ogg
and MP3s all cataloged from one centralized place.


What would be really neat is if folks produced podcast-like
"shows" describing how they produced their songs along with
audio examples of what they are describing. Between 10 and
40 minutes is a good length and 42 kb/s at 22 htz is a
comfortable size/quality tradeoff for ogg and still probably
streamable for 56K modem listeners... ie;

oggenc -q0 --resample 22050 some.wav

If you don't have the bandwidth or a website to upload then
just attach a song or show and email it to admin at opensrc.org.
You can grab the m3u list via curl http://opensrc.org/radio.m3u
and if there is any demand I'll create a RSS/OPML feed too.


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