[linux-audio-user] Studio to go! Linux app

Bengt Gördén bengan at sunet.se
Tue Feb 15 13:55:39 EST 2005

Hi Chris,

As you are one of those who is behind the Studio to Go I would like to
ask something. I've spent some time with my Acer Ferrari 3000 to
install ardour and stuff upon Gentoo. I've also (with the help from
persons on this list) discovered that laptops aint that good to make
music on. Especially if they have the ACPI/SMM-bug. What are your
recommendations regarding laptops? I know that we need better
soundcards so that one needs no further discussion. But what about
the rest?

I could very well buy a copy of the Studio to Go but as I don't know
if my laptop is up to it (I suspect that I have the ACPI/SMM-bug) I'm
a bit reluctant to buy a copy.


PS. I'm sending this to the list as we were discussing laptops a few
threads ago DS.

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