[linux-audio-user] My First Linux Song

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Tue Feb 15 20:19:05 EST 2005

LinuxMedia wrote:

>> Well, we've had some interesting discussions on here lately about
>> tuning guitars, check the archives. I've certainly learned how to
>> improve my tuning, 
> I almost passed up those conversatins, but stayed on the thread long
> enough to find the one most important peice of information that has
> (really!!!) improved my tuning... That is... tune one string with some
> tuning device (i use a pitch fork) and then tune (all other) strings
> to (that one) string that was tuned to the tuning device. That way,
> there isn't a huge deviation from the original "center" because all
> strings are being tuned from the same reference point.
> I understand the concept about the "A" string being "more stable" and
> therefore start with that one. But I've had luck with the "B" string
> (because I tune my guitar down a whole step and so the "B" string is
> now an "A" string and the tuning fork is an "A" note). But I've had
> great luck with this.
this definitely works better than whatever i was doing before (harmonics
usually) ... still,

... i have now got my head above the linux-audio water, only to be
king-hit by the tsunami of guitar-tuning, intonation, pickup placement
etc etc

i probly won't be resurfacing for another week (or until i get over this
overwhelming out-of-tuneness paranioa i am now suffering - thanx
everyone, ha ha!), but i'll hopefully have a tuned version of The Sailor
up, along with seperate audio tracks for those of you who want to have a
go at mixing it!!!

thanx to all and sundry for the tuning info and the kind words!


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