[linux-audio-user] JACK timemachine W64 files

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd-lad at mega-nerd.com
Thu Feb 17 01:52:40 EST 2005

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 22:18:25 -0500
"Jon B" <30plxf602 at sneakemail.com> wrote:

> Is there a way to get timemachine to "always" output wav files? 

Big problem there. Valid WAV files cannot be larger than 4 gig. Many
programs won't open a WAV file larger than 2 Gig. 2 Gig is 90 minutes
of stereo float data at 48kHz.

W64 allows files very much larger (2^63 bytes).

> It's
> annoying that it creates this weird W64 file that no program can play
> except sndfile-play, which is an annoying command-line program 

Would it help if sndfile-play had a Jack back end?

> and
> won't output to JACK anyway.  Is there a .timemachine file or
> something where I can set settings?
> If not, how do I convert w64 files to wav?  sndfile-convert doesn't
> seem to work, 

Seems to work here with small files. Can you be more specific?

> as rezound says "warning -- libaudiofile reports that
> /home/omegatron/tm-2005-02-16T21:47:44.wav contains 96670161848201472
> sample frames yet the file is most likely not large enough to contain
> that many samples.
> Loading what can be loaded."

Does libaudiofile even support the W64 file format?

Any editor which uses libsndfile should read that file quite happily.
I use Sweep (http://sweep.sf.net) but Audacity should also work.

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