[linux-audio-user] Dead tasks that won't die with 2.6.10-rc3-mm1-V0.7.33-03

Rob Fell robin.fell at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 17 14:23:11 EST 2005


I'm seeing a bizarre issue that I've never seen before.  Connecting MIDI 
    source/sinks in QJackCtl, sometimes QJackCtl hangs.  Badly.

After a kill -9, QJackCtl won't die;

16101 tty1     DL     0:03                  \_ qjackctl
16107 tty1     Z      0:00                  |   \_ [qjackctl] <defunct>
16109 ?        Z      0:00                  |   \_ [jackd] <defunct>

I've upgraded my QJackctl to 0.2.14, but still the problem persists.

I'm not suggesting for a minute that this is QJackCtl's fault however:
since this is such a bizarre fault, I though I'd like to check on this 
list that this really is a kernel bug :)


PS. Suggestions for kernels known to work well for multi-channel audio 
and MIDI work welcome - and no, I'm sticking with Gentoo for now.

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