[linux-audio-user] Maximum saturation without clipping

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Fri Feb 18 00:00:47 EST 2005

Brad Fuller wrote:
>> Noob question: I've made a start at trying to create a
>> podcast-like "show" using mainly Audacity and I cannot
>> figure out how to get the signal fully saturated without
>> clipping. I was wondering if anyone here would have some
>> tips on how to get a "fat" wav like the image below ?
>> http://opensrc.org/index.php?page=MarkConstable

> What is your goal for your content?

To maximise volume and "presence". 

> Why do you want to make it "fat" ?

Ultimately so I can stream low bit rate oggs and retain
the maximum amount of presence, and generally to be able
to master this technique on linux.

> Do you want to have maximum gain with little dynamic range (similar to a 
> radio/tv advertisement)?

Absolutely yes !

> Do you want to meet a broadcasting reference 
> level for your area -- and not violate that level?

That would be yet another reason if I was in a situation
where that was demanded.

> Knowing more might give us more insight for a possible solution.

Appreciate your interest and any specific hints or howto
about using Audacity and LADSPA plugins to achieve this
kind of audio rendering technique. (I'd rather use rezound
but it crashes on me).


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