[linux-audio-user] Maximum saturation without clipping

james at dis-dot-dat.net james at dis-dot-dat.net
Fri Feb 18 02:59:06 EST 2005

On Thu, 17 Feb, 2005 at 10:55PM -0800, R Parker spake thus:
> > 
> > If anyone can emulate the wav in that image and have
> > it
> > play back without clipping then however they managed
> > to
> > do that (without outboard equipment) then I'd really
> > appreciate the howto. The rub is it can be done on a
> > Mac.
> It's pretty easy to accomplish. Check Quiktoots for my
> article on Loudness. If it's not clear enough to be
> helpful I'll respond to questions. The article is in
> part a response or elaboration on Rowan's argument
> against smashing a limiter to achieve loudness. I try
> to explain how to achieve loudness without squaring
> off waves. I provide a couple examples for why and
> when maximum loudness are exactly the right solution.

For the lazy:


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