[linux-audio-user] Maximum saturation without clipping

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Fri Feb 18 04:34:33 EST 2005

Tom Szilagyi wrote:
>>>Do you want to have maximum gain with little dynamic 
>>>range (similar to a radio/tv advertisement)?
>>Absolutely yes !

> I think you may want to try this LADSPA plugin:
> http://tap-plugins.sourceforge.net/ladspa/limiter.html

This sounds exactly what I want, a distortionless peak
limiter. The first paragraph got me a big smile :-)

> I use it for similar purposes with success.
> Apologies for this shameless plug if you already knew it.

I think your tap-reverbed may have been raised in the
"simple reverb" discussion a few weeks ago and the reason
I didn't follow thru is that it appears your TAP-plugins
are not part of Gentoo portage. Are you aware of a Gentoo
ebuild for tap-plugins and tap-reverbed ?

(perhaps they are included in another plugin package)

If not, is that of interest to you ?


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