[linux-audio-user] Maximum saturation without clipping

Michael Schnake schnake at composition.de
Fri Feb 18 05:35:08 EST 2005

On Friday 18 February 2005 10:34, Mark Constable wrote:
> I think your tap-reverbed may have been raised in the
> "simple reverb" discussion a few weeks ago and the reason
> I didn't follow thru is that it appears your TAP-plugins
> are not part of Gentoo portage. Are you aware of a Gentoo
> ebuild for tap-plugins and tap-reverbed ?

They are available via Gentoo portage as package 
media-plugins/tap-plugins. Not that hard to find ;-)

With regard to your question for a "multichannel-audio friendly" 
kernel on Gentoo you should look at morph-sources (not in portage, 
but see http://morph-sources.sourceforge.net).

It has (among others) the low-latency and realtime-lsm patches. I am 
running JACK with 44100Hz, period = 64 frames, buffer = 2 periods (= 
2.9 msec latency) here on an "old" IBM Thinkpap A30 (1 MHz CPU) with 
absolutely no xruns (even 32 frames work, but with xruns when 
(dis-)connecting clients).

BTW if you are interested in more Gentoo specific issues feel free to 
mail me directly or open a thread on forums.gentoo.org. Let's keep 
LAU clean (as some Gentoo'ers already have kind of bad reputation for 
their tendency to start discussing distro specific issues (or just to 
talk big about it) on any list they happen to be subscribed to ;-)


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