[linux-audio-user] SysEx data & OSS emulation

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Fri Feb 18 15:56:13 EST 2005


> I've done some further testing, and it seems it is not a
> kernel bug but an issue with Edirol devices.  Apparently,
> they haven't been designed for drivers that can be unloaded
> and reloaded.  I'll see if I can change the driver to
> explicitly reset the device when loading.

well, as I'm still running all 5 MIDI devices on one MIDI 
'bus', I'm going to buy a 8x8 patchbay for better timing (and 
to use multimodes of the devices more excessively), so I hope 
the problem will be solved this way.

I have read some device manuals, and it seems that it'll be a 
midisport 8x8. I already have installed the firmware loader 
(thanks to the author, BTW ;-), and even if the handling on 
linux is a bit difficult, I liked the midisport due to the 
fact that it can act as a real merge bay in offline mode.

The only thing that still keeps me without the device is the 
price - I have no problem paying lots of money for synths, 
but a MIDI device is somehow a piece of hardware I do not 
like to spend money for ;-) .

 Best regards


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