[linux-audio-user] Maximum saturation without clipping

Florin Andrei florin at andrei.myip.org
Sun Feb 20 01:09:11 EST 2005

On Fri, 2005-02-18 at 15:00 +1000, Mark Constable wrote:
> Brad Fuller wrote:
> >> Noob question: I've made a start at trying to create a
> >> podcast-like "show" using mainly Audacity and I cannot
> >> figure out how to get the signal fully saturated without
> >> clipping. I was wondering if anyone here would have some
> >> tips on how to get a "fat" wav like the image below ?
> >>
> >> http://opensrc.org/index.php?page=MarkConstable
> > What is your goal for your content?
> To maximise volume and "presence".

Volume can be maximized through compression.
Presence is more complex and typically is related to EQ, perhaps some
effects such as chorus, etc.

Be aware that if you run the whole mix through a compressor, it's gotta
be a very transparent one. I am not sure how the existing LADSPA
compressors measure up, but i've been repeatedly told (by professionals)
to pay great attention to the transparency of the compressor in the
mastering stage (which is what you want to do).
If you're looking at a hardware compressor, RNC (Real Nice Compressor)
seems to be the top performer in the bang-for-the-buck arena (costs in
the hundreds, sounds in the thousands):


> > Why do you want to make it "fat" ?
> Ultimately so I can stream low bit rate oggs and retain
> the maximum amount of presence, and generally to be able
> to master this technique on linux.

Sounds like an EQ thing to me. But IANASE (i am not a sound engineer) so
have the grain of salt ready.
Oh, and if it's low bitrate oggs, then forget what i said about hi-
quality compression. ;-)

Florin Andrei


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