[linux-audio-user] Searching for music composition tools

Tapio Kelloniemi persistent.spam at thack.org
Mon Feb 21 05:14:27 EST 2005

Hi all

My question appears here most likely quite often, but I think I ask
anyway since googling the Internet did not give any useful results.

I'm searching for tools for serious music compositon. I don't want to
generate some poor PC speaker noise, but something that sounds good. I
don't care much whatever the method of generating the music is. Using
a midi sequencer with soft synth or writing my compositions in a
musical language are both OK, I can even use a tracker if the sound
quality and ability to fine-tune everything are not
compromised. Productivity is also an important factor since writing
1000 lines of code to get a single note out from soundcard is not
worth the
effort. The only (and probably the one which makes all this impossible) is that
I'm blind and can only use text-based applications. So I'm interested
about all possibilities available.

Thanks a lot for all answers.


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