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Mon Feb 21 06:39:12 EST 2005

On Sun, 20 Feb, 2005 at 06:31PM +0100, Robert Jonsson spake thus:
> Hi,
> All worked out I needed some revitalisation so I made a song last night. :)  
> No psycho-analysis of the lyrics, please, I'm afraid what might come of 
> it ;).
> The tune is called Undecided and it's about a car crash...I think. It's a kind 
> of modern metal tune with spoken song, no idea what genre it would be put in.

Well, whatever genre it is, I like it.

One thing I'd recommend is adding a little more detail to the drums.
Especially those sections that have the snare on every beat - maybe
some twiddles at the end of a bar?

Sounds good, though.  I hated the drums at the very beginning, but
then they changed and I like the effect.

Well done.
> Here it is:
> http://spamatica.se/music/spamatica/default/spamatica_-_undecided.ogg
> Software used:
> MusE, Linuxsampler, Jamin, oggenc, ecasound
> Gear used:
> Delta 44 (soundcard)
> PODxt
> Cheap condenser + ART preamp/compressor
> Hamer electric guitar
> Yamaha electric guitar (for all the slide stuff)
> Suzuki bass (it's true!) + misused Behringer preamp.
> Here's a shot of the tune in progress:
> http://spamatica.no-ip.org/files/undecided.png
> Regards,
> Robert

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