[linux-audio-user] Searching for music composition tools

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon Feb 21 12:08:44 EST 2005


  Don't forget these amazing tools:

    Csound, at http://www.csounds.com (synthesis & composition)

    Common Music, at http://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/cm/doc/cm.html 
(composition environment)

    Common Lisp Music, at http://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/clm/  



Julien Claassen wrote:

>  There are a few nice tools, depending on what kind of music you wish to 
>record. I, personally - record more popular music, in contrast to computer or 
>experimental music/soundscapes. The tools I use are:
>  Ecasound for harddisk recording, effects-processing. I use this in 
>connection with ladspa effects. For more computerish music there is csound and 
>clm (common lisp music), which is based on emacs-lisp. There are also a few 
>trackers, as I know, but I didn't try them. Besides that, there's fluidsynth a 
>software synthesizer based on soundfonts, there's also a nice place where you 
>can find some really good soundfonts for free. Also the linuxsampler project, 
>still in earlier stages of development can be helpful. It works with 
>gigastudio sampling-format.
>  The best place to find most of the mentioned tools is:
>  http://linux-sound.org
>  Ecasound: www.eca.cx/ecasound
>  Fluidsynth: www.fluidsynth.org
>  Linuxamler: www.linuxsampler.org
>  Ladspa basics: www.ladspa.org
>  See Dave's plugin page for Steve Harris's swh-plugins and fons Adriaensen's 
>mcv and stereo reverb plugin. They are all ladspa.
>  Note Dave's page uses Frames, but with lynx, that's no problem, also w3m is 
>ok, about other browswers I don't know, but expect they're fine, too.
>  Fro more questions mail me directly or take a first look at my site:
>  http://ltsb.sf.net
>  There are also mentioned good tools for playback of too many formats to 
>mention here including: midi, audio, video. All those tools work in 
>  Kindest regards
>        Julien
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