[linux-audio-user] linux version of this?

Noah Roberts nroberts at reachone.com
Tue Feb 22 00:01:34 EST 2005

I asked someone how they did some recording with midi that sounded 
real.  The response follows:

"I found a free ware program called Anvil studio, with this I can find a 
midi i like on the net and take out every thing but the parts i want 
(the drum track and bass track). If i dont like the bass sound i can 
choose from different bass sounds like acustic, fretless, fingerpicked, 
slap, ect. you cant change the drums but you can adjust the balance 
between the base and drums.Then i put it on cassette tape ( I use my 424 
) or you can use audacity (use the "what-u-hear tab") You can adjust the 
EQ to make it sound better also. with the audacity you can boost the 
bass and ad some compresion to the bass. then you add your vocal, 
guitars, keyboard, ect and you got a band"

Do we have anything like that?  Something that can take midi and make it 
sound more real?

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