[linux-audio-user] hydrogen crashes / extract waves from .mid-files of ddrum

CC-Band CC-Band at web.de
Tue Feb 22 10:23:42 EST 2005

you can download .mid-files from clavia.com. this files you can listen to with 
the ddrum-tool and upload them to the ddrum-hardware.the "file"-command sais 
this files are standard midi-files. but they must contain samples (maybe 
i want to extract them to use them with hydrogen; but actually i cannot use 
hydrogen because of the crashes described ...sometimes it works 10 minutes, 
somtimes 10 seconds til it crashes ...  jack is connected and works. my 
latency time is 2,9ms. Thats GREAT !

i also now tried out the cvs-version of hydrogen --> VERY NICE LOOK! but also 
crashes and midi is not available (implemented ??). don't know. maybe i have 
do do something to get midi working. in further version midi works fine.


Am Montag, 21. Februar 2005 16:04 schrieb tim hall:
> Last Monday 21 February 2005 14:42, CC-Band was like:
> > jack & hydrogen works fine but sometimes hydrogen crashes immediately.
> > what can i do to get information, why?
> There is a 'messages' button on QJackCtl, which will provide some basic
> information. You may need to configure hydrogen to use JACK.
> > the second thing: how can i extract the waves (samples) from downloaded
> > ddrum mid-files? one way is to record the play samples (with ddrum-tool),
> > but this takes al ot of time ...
> Don't know ddrum. If these are .mid files, surely they won't contain any
> samples? Please explain.
> cheers,
> tim hall
> http://glastonburymusic.org.uk

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