[linux-audio-user] [ANN] System exclusive librarian for Roland SC88

Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas plcl at telefonica.net
Tue Feb 22 17:23:37 EST 2005


sc88sysex is a command-line program to send and receive system exclusive data  
to/from a Roland SC-88 device using ALSA raw MIDI ports. This program is a 
Bash script front-end to the ALSA amidi(1) utility.

Roland uses two types of System Exclusive messages: RQ1 (data request 1) and 
DT1 (data set 1). This program can build both types calculating check-sums, 
and has some mnemonic symbols for addresses, sizes and commands. It can be 
used or extended for other Roland and GS devices with few changes.



$ sc88sysex -a BULKDUMP -z ALL
	Sends a bulk dump request using the default  MIDI  port  to  the
	SC-88,  and stores the received data in a file named 

$ sc88sysex -c GSRESET
	Sends a GS reset command to the SC-88

$ sc88sysex -s dump.syx
	Sends a data file "dump.syx" to the SC-88.

$ sc88sysex -a '40 00 00' -z '00 00 04' -r deftune.syx
	Gets the master tune parameter from the SC-88 saving it on a
	file named "deftune.syx"


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