[linux-audio-user] Re: [linux-audio-users] SooperLooper 1.0.0beta28 released

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Feb 23 11:49:58 EST 2005

Martin Habets wrote on Wed, 23-Feb-2005:

 > I have 1 major question (so far :): is there a way to save/restore
 > the settings. More specifically, I would like to start 5 sooperloopers
 > each with a file already loaded (and muted).

Right now, to do this you will need to use the OSC API to script
this.  Unfortunately, there is no readily available cmdline tool
to send OSC, but we'll probably whip one up shortly.  In the meantime,
you can try using this python module http://v00d00.k-hornz.de/pub/OSC.py
or this perl http://barely.a.live.fm/pd/OSC/perl/ .  I have not
tested any of these yet.  

See SL's OSC api at http://essej.net/sooperlooper/doc_osc.html

 > I tried this shell script:
 >   sooperlooper &
 >   sleep 2
 >   slconsole <<END
 >   b
 >   END
 > It produces output but also gives:
 > OSC error 111: Connection refused
 > several times.
 > It seems slconsole only interacts with the first looper. Is this
 > right?
yeah, slconsole is very limited, and not useful for this kind
of thing.

In the future I plan to add sessions to SL that will load up the
state of the looper just like you want from a saved description.

Feel free to join the sooperlooper email list for further discussion:


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