[linux-audio-user] [OT] "The short is off the stick" -- What does that mean?

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Sat Feb 26 03:56:49 EST 2005

luke at chipcity.com.au:
> Hi,
> 25Feb2005 @ 09:08 Wolfgang Woehl thusly spake
> > This is from Lamont Dozier's "Fish ain't bitin'" (1973) Can someone
> > explain the expression "The short is off the stick"? Thanks.
> >
> >   And meanwhile in DC
> >   Tricky Dick is trying to be slick
> >   And the short is off the stick
> >   Because I'm gonna get it
> >   Tricky Dick, please quit
> You might be familiar with the expression: "getting the short end of
> the stick", which means you don't have the power, or you are subject
> someone else's overriding power (they have the long end of the
> stick). The short is off the stick is probably a way of saying "we
> are no longer subject to that overriding power, perhaps referring to
> the (misplaced) power of tricky dick.

Makes sense to me. So it's not a common expression?

> that's my first line of interpretation,
> kind regards,
> Luke

Thank you,

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