[linux-audio-user] simulating guitar distos at linux

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 15:33:27 EST 2005

MarC wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm searching a way to record a good guitar distorsion under linux. I 
> already have a distorsion effects pedal (Zoom GFX8) which sounds quite 
> good connected to a good guitar amplifier.
> However when I connect it to my soundcard I loose the pre-amp, amp and 
> speaker effects and it sounds crapy. Do you know any program/LADSPA 
> plugin/other plugin to simulate those steps? Specially I would like to 
> simulate well the speaker/cabinet.
> I would like get rid of the amp + mic to record... But it's not easy for 
> the disto style which I search (Mesa-Boogie style, reference sound from 
> bands: Refused, Funeral for a Friend, Poison the well, Thrice...). Do 
> you think it is possible? What do I need?

The best solution will always be to get a decent preamp and condenser 
mic to mic your amp with and send that to your card rather than going 
direct. You just can't beat the real thing.

However if you must go direct, I've had good results recently using 
Florian's jack convolver. There are lots of impulse response samples 
freely available on the net for various preamps, amps and speaker cabinets.



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