[linux-audio-user] jackd --realtime eats my memory.

Jan Holst Jensen jhje00 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 26 16:54:42 EST 2005

> >  I would then need quite a
> > lot of RAM to use the "--realtime" option. Is it
> > really necessary to use _that_ much RAM ?
> No.  Try running jackd with the --unlock option. 
> This is the best solution.  JACK clients should

I can't start jackd with that option even though I can
see it loud and clear in the man page as you say.

  jackd --realtime -d alsa

starts up, but

  jackd --realtime --unlock -d alsa


  jackd --realtime -u -d alsa

says "unknown option character" and jackd outputs a
usage message where both "-u" and "--unlock" are shown
as examples. Huh ?! Is my jackd broken ? I installed
it through apt-get on my Debian Sarge. Version says

> > I also tried to renice jackd with -20 so it runs
> with
> > priority 0. Will the "--realtime" option give me
> > better stability than the renicing ?
> > 
> Yes, absolutely.  Renicing JACK is the wrong way,
> because it's still
> subject to dynamic priority adjustment by the
> scheduler.

Right! Thanks for clearing that up, Lee.

-- Jan

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