[linux-audio-user] Re: linux-audio-user Digest, Vol 17, Issue 95

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo at tin.it
Sat Feb 26 17:14:59 EST 2005

> > I'm going to buy one of these cards, and I was wondering what about the
> > differences from one to each other and concernig ALSA's support.
> > By ALSA's website seems they are completly supported, but I would like
> > have some users' confimations.
> hey there - i have the HDSP 9652 and love it - it was a bit of a pain to
> it really working at first, because there was a driver issue that we (the
> linux audio community in general) were having a hard time ironing out.
> issue didn't exist with the digi9652 card that was almost exactly the
> just the HDSP 9652
> in reality though you have to consider what other gear you have - the 9652
> was necessary for me because I needed it to interface via ADAT light pipe
> 24 channels on my digital mixer.  But if I didn't have the digital mixer
> do my A/D conversion, the 9652 would've been wrong because it doesn't have
> breakout box with analog inputs like the multiface or something else  -
> HDSP 9652 has 24 channels optical i/o and a stereo spdif - that's the only
> in and out of that card...
> TotalMix doesn't run under linux, it doesn't matter.  Under linux, you'll
> using a program called hdspmixer - it's the exact same thing (am I
> remembering that right?  yes I think so)
> what is your studio/other gear situation like?

Hi Aaron,

I will use the HDSP mainly with adat I/O and s/pdif I/O, so I think it's the
right choice.

Could you please be more detailed regarding HDSP 9652 problem?


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