[linux-audio-user] [music] Norma 2.5

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Sun Feb 27 03:18:52 EST 2005

Robert Jonsson wrote:
> More music!

Excellent, go Robert!

> This is actually a tune I have recorded and improved several times but I have 
> never posted it here.
> It's basically a mellow pop tune with a very central main vocal and acoustic 
> guitar figures.

Very nice. My FWIW comments: the bass is nicely compressed
and sustained but the kick is a bit low so they don't quite
reinforce each other. I know some people like "dynamics" but 
I prefer a radio-like mix with everything "in yer face" so, 
ideally, I'd prefer some sidechain limiting of the vocals, 
and solo, so the surrounding music was up a bit more. Perhaps 
a bit more stereo split of the acoustic guitar too.

> Direct link to the ogg:
> http://spamatica.se/musicsite/modules/mydownloads/visit.php?cid=1&lid=11
> (No streaming yet, sorry)

That is not quite a direct link... are you using the redirect
to do some logging or something ?

I pasted the direct URL to the Rad IO page and it streams
nicely for me. Is this a problem for you that anyone using
the Rad IO streaming link probably does not get logged ?

The version number is a but awkward... perhaps there
could be a "convention" that there be a song_latest.ogg
soft link (or copy) to the latest verion ? This way other
links around the planet pointing to a particular song
will automatically always pull in the latest version?

Also, FWIW, in spamatica_-_undecided.ogg during the racey
chorus part, that splash symbol sounds like banging on the 
side of a tin shed... there is no "ting" to it at all, like 
a lo bit rate soundfont instrument or something. I think
it should be the cup of a ride cymbal.

> On a related note. There's been several discussions here about creating a 
> separate list for musical announcements. The concensus so far seems to be to 
> keep it here. Though I can understand the reasoning I can also see the 
> limitations.

There needs to be two parts... an ongoing "working group" 
discussion or comments about a piece and then some kind of
summary or permenent changelog for the same piece. The
first suits a mailing-list and the 2nd a Wiki/web-page. A
forum could kind of work for both, I guess, but I find them
too cumbersome signing up for yet another account, logging
in, and the heavy HTML overload per message... and those
inevitable useless one-liner comments.

No one is complaining about song postings/discussion here
yet anyway... perhaps when the quantity picks up to the 
point where the LAU help-line is getting drowned then it'll
be natural to move on to elsewhere.

1.99 c worth.


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