[linux-audio-user] [OT] "The short is off the stick" -- What does that mean?

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sun Feb 27 10:48:28 EST 2005

This is absolutely the last straw!

Last Saturday 26 February 2005 09:36, james at dis-dot-dat.net was like:
> Hmm.  I've never heard of the short end of the stick.  I've heard of
> the wrong end of the stick, and the short straw, but this one's new to
> me.

Of course this could be chinese whispers. Whole websites have sprung up with 
the aim of deciphering lyrics from bands like Can and the Cocteau Twins. What 

> Maybe it's an American phrase.  The most similar expression I can
> think of over here is getting the sh*tty end of the stick.

I've heard it used in England natively.

> I've just noticed that this post has absolutely nothing useful in it,
> but I'm about to press send anyway.

Me too! ;-)

tim hall

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