[linux-audio-user] Behringer BCA 2000 - has anyone tried it ?

Spencer Russell Spencer.Russell at oberlin.edu
Tue Mar 1 10:40:50 EST 2005

On Tue, Mar 01, 2005 at 10:21:51AM -0500, Joe Hartley wrote:
> On Tue, 01 Mar 2005 09:57:33 -0500
> Spencer Russell <Spencer.Russell at oberlin.edu> wrote:
> > I think I would prefer the dial to send relative information as
> > to what direction it's turning, so that you can have more than
> > 127 different values controlled by one knob. 
> Uhhh, wha???  Do you mean turning the knob left sends out, say,
> CC (control change) data on channel 1, and turning it right sends it
> out on channel 2?

Sorry if I wasn't clear. I was referring to what Frank said
earlier about controllers that send MIDI 4 when turned to the
left and MIDI 12 (or whatever numbers they use) when turned to
the right. So lets say that I had a parameter that goes from 20
to 20,000. If my controller goes from 0 to 127, I have 128 steps
of resolution, but if my controller sends relative information,
then I have arbitrary resolution. I realize that this is
completely useless for lots of standard DAW controller stuff, so
I think that 0-127 should definently still be available, but the
relative info can still be very usefull. I don't really
understand where a wrapping controller would be advantageous,

> Keep in mind that there's no MIDI granularity of greater than 128.
> You can't have a parameter that's < 0 or > 127.  That's a fundamental
> part of the MIDI spec.

I use a midi controller to send messages to PD patches, where the
range of parameters is much larger than 0-127.

hope this clears things up, so that I don't appear to be saying
silly things. :)


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