[linux-audio-user] [music] Norma 2.5

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Wed Mar 2 12:26:00 EST 2005


söndagen den 27 februari 2005 16.34 skrev tim hall:
> Last Saturday 26 February 2005 21:13, Robert Jonsson was like:
> > Direct link to the ogg:
> > http://spamatica.se/musicsite/modules/mydownloads/visit.php?cid=1&lid=11
> > (No streaming yet, sorry)
> Most enjoyable.


> Slightly fuzzy, sort of over-compressed feeling to it, but the overall
> sound is very pleasing, 

Now that you mention it, the over-compression is all over the place, now that 
I listen to it with new ears! 
I'm still an apprentice sound engineer, but I'm learning! :)

> so much so that I've just realised that I paid 
> absolutely no attention to the content of the lyrics. Damn, I'll have to
> listen again. ;-)

Listen as much as you want ;) Don't expect the lyrics to win any awards though 

Thanks for your thoughts!

> cheers,
> tim hall
> http://glastonburymusic.org.uk


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