[linux-audio-user] Midi Cards

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Wed Mar 2 19:03:41 EST 2005

>> How can I keep my MIDI from sounding like a cheesy video game?
>> I suspect its my card.  What card would give me excellent/sample
>> quality midi or playback?
> If you have an emu10k1 based card and are using the hardware
> wavetable synth, the single best thing you can do is get a decent
> soundfont.  The ones that come with the Windows driver all suck.

This is my standard answer to that... hehe... this is the best soundfont 
  I've heard....


It's 141 Megs. I (think) some hardware wavetable synths have limited 
capacity. If so use a soft synth like fluidsynth.


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